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 Elusive People

Kirsten and Lars Rasmussen: contact wanted

Children of Tommy Rasmussen (1940 - 2000) and Inger Andersen. Information on their whereabouts and / or contact possibilities will be much appreciated. Last known facts: Kirsten studied either Theology or Science of Religion in 1990, Lars finished a cand.scient. in 1999.
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Rasmus Madsen (? - Abt 1871): who were his parents, where was he born?

Father to Carl Rasmussen (seen on photo), who was born in Aarhus on 11 Oct 1871. Rasmus Madsen died before Carl was christened on 25 Nov 1871. This assumed as his mother, Karen Nielsdatter or Nielsen, by then was widowed according to the church book. Help wanted on birthplace of and parents to Rasmus Madsen.
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Hinrich Christian Brade (Abt 1730 - Bef 1771): who were his parents, how many children did he have?

Born about 1730, married to Anna Magdalena Christina Laage, father to Detlev Carl August Bra(h)de, christened in Plön Altstadt, Germany on 25 Mar 1763. By then, Hinrich Brahde was cook for Detlev Reventlow on Plön Castle. He died before 1771.
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 Mystery Photos

Unknown woman: identification needed

Maybe related to the family Landsperg - Wilhelmine Claudine Kühl or Henriette Marie Jensen?
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